Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kpop Nation 2010

I'm home!-----yes, just like what the title says..the Philippine Kpop Nation 2010!!!! ahhh what can I say..LOL
I bought my first ever DBSK shirt from there..---Sorry I wasn't able to take a pic of it 'coz I washed it right away...(i'm going to wear it on New Year's Eve! ahahaha). I also got my first lanyard. My cousin "Reyna" was with me----LOL.

What made me thrice happy was the moment I felt like I was watching Tohoshinki's concert. There was this group who danced the first stanza and chorus of "mirotic". Honestly, when that group went up on the stage..I thought they were gonna perform 2pm or SS501's song..but then ..♫chug chug chug chug~~urghhh♫..IT'S MIROTIC!!! *dies* My heart just pumped thrice sounds insane, but my hands  and my voice were shaking..
During Tohoshinki/DBSK/TVXQ's concert, whenever they perform 'mirotic'..Cassiopeia would respond and yell. I was super shocked when the Filipino Cassies were yelling and singing along. Of course I took part in it too.

 ♫ non nareul wonhae WONHAE!
non naege ppajyo PPAJYO!
non naege mijyo MIJYO!
heonal su opso
I got you under my skin

Although it's not Tohoshinki performing..I felt sooooooo happy..what more if it's really them----OMG. I think it'd be more than shaking!! -----but the last thing I'd do is to faint. ahahahahahaha!! I will never miss such an opportunity to witness their greatness. ahhhh Tohoshinki----what have you done to me??!!
 Unfortunately..I wasn't able to watch 13 Seouls perform.----it's the mini SuJu group which KyBi supports..In the end, they were the Rookie of the Year!!!! ----Congratulations guys!!!

Mom was with us when we ate lunch..we ate lots..*pig mode*

Oh I forgot to mention..I was looking for JYJ/Tohoshinki huge banners or standee or whatever...sadly, Junsu's the only one who had a standee..
he's super handsome!! and he looked real!
That's all for today folks..I have studying to do..ahahahahaha ^^
I'll definitely attend another kpop gathering..ESPECIALLY the 8G of Cassiopeias!!! ♥

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


*scratches head*----urgh dandruff..LOL but yeah..I do have dandruff these past two months..(stressXstress).
I was actually thinking of a nice title for my post today, the word 'junkie' just popped in my head seconds ago. Why?----I've been a Junk food kid lately..

Hours ago, I ate Pringles and Yanyan  for lunch..yesterday I drank Zagu, and ate Nova chips.
The other day, I ate Jolly fries with grande Zagu..Ahhh..Junkie!
I used to buy lots of 'em and store it inside my locker.
Now...ahahahaha i don't have the budget to buy more than what i need a day. "New Year's celebration" reasons..
It's better to share what you've earned than to buy food for yourself alone right?

Anyway, the Yanyan I bought was a very interesting food..every stick has facts written on it. Like what I got.."frog-------amphibian"...I was really happy it's the first stick I picked..(wahahaha I'm a frog indeed lol).
The others were "Cat---say meow", "Horse-----gallop away", and "Giraffe-----tallest animal" will surely educate children while enjoying the food. ^^-----
why am was i eating it?--i miss being a kid. And a big part of my childhood is my Grandpa, the games and playmates, the children's parties,.etc. *sigh*
Time for dinner...YAY, tomorrow's another day off!---------study time! ^^ I hope I can have a conversation (english and nihonggo) with Sara on New Year's eve if ever she'll come again to celebrate with us. ^^

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wasureppoi haha

Yesterday I was thinking a lot..and now I forgot what he looks like..GREAT. Now you know how forgetful I am..hahahahaha..The thought of remembering the feeling when you saw that person..but not what he looks like makes me laugh..LOL---yeah im laughing at myself. All i can remember is his haircut. that's all. *baka atashi* hohohoho.

Anyway..I just got home and I'm really hungry, so i have to find something edible to this piece of metal beside me..LOL just kidding..We still have some leftovers from christmas..Pasta, Salad, .YAY! Let's dig in!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Joyeux Noel! ^^

Merry Christmas everyone! How was your Noche Buena? Mine was sooooooo fun!
I went home around 6pm on the 24th----I was supposed to be home earlier, but the management extended the store hours.
My sister asked me to go with her and fetch her student at Market-Market. Her name's Sara, a Japanese who have been here for a year and a half...Honestly, I was shy...I was trying to be very friendly and entertain her for she's our guest. Ahhhhh I'm a bad host. really. hahahahha...
We went home by my cousin's car, because we got stuck at the mall..we've been in line for more than an hour and we still haven't found a vacant cab. urgh holiday rush...
Anyway, when we got home we ate dinner...Unfortunately I have a cold until now, ..I couldn't appreciate the food and enjoy its savor.
a little later..Sara's friend (Richard---he's an English teacher like my sister)  came by to accompany her..which means..we had two guests..

I wanted to talk to her in nihonggo to practice my speech...BUT i was really shy! wahohohoho..I focused my attention on my cousins, nephews and nieces..we played games and laughed out loud.
Aniki and my relatives got along with Sara and Richard really well.
I wish it will be the same on New Year's eve.^^

But you know what..I was really ashamed with myself for not having a conversation with Richard when he sat next to me. I got so shy that I didn't know what to talk about..all I did was ask him if he wanted to sing (Karaoke)..and asked about LJ...aaaahhh nonsense..LOL
He went home first for he was very tired and sleepy..---Onee said so...I didn't manage to say goodbye  because I went in the house to wash up and sleep (I was tired and sleepy as well). Wahohohoho sorry i'm telling you's in my head so I have to blurt it out. And I'm feeling something it admiration? MAJIIIIII!????
I remembered what my Aunt asked me when I greeted her "merry christmas"..."it's christmas already and you still haven't got a boyfriend??"------**AKIRA SHOCK**
If they only knew what I feel when no one appreciates my existence as a girl...nyahahaha...ishkabibble! Well, he does looks cute..(he resembles Hiro Mizushima...)-------STOP! what am i thinking!?? when Onee and Aniki find out about this..tsktsk..not good..

Omo..*sigh* anyway..I'm excited about New Year's eve!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Im melting!!!

WAAAHH!! somebody bring TOHOSHINKI/JYJ in front of me!
our LCD tv has scratches out of wanting to get them out of the screen. lol---just kidding---ahhh hopeless gyoza girl. lol

Ive been watching fan-made video clips since an hour ago..JYJ's world wide tour in LA was awesome!!!! of course thanks to those who had video cams that day, and to those who uploaded HDs.!!
They are really awesome.!
demo ne.. something's wrong..why? it said "worldwide" come my country isn't included? I just wish the boys can hear me out. There are lots of Filipino Cassies who've always been supportive to them---even as Tohoshinki ..I still believe the 5 of them will be back on the same stage you know..^^
it's one of the ULTIMATE DREAMs I have. to be able to watch them with my own two eyes-----hear them with my ears, and feel their love for music and fans.....*sigh*

Speaking of Ultimate dreams..I already told God my wishlist for this christmas..
1. i asked for happiness and peace of mind
2. give me inspiration to strive harder for the ones I love
3. bring me an awesome new year.

simple------but to me it's not.
AAHHH------i remember I have to study english and nihongo today!!!! yoroshiku!♥

Saturday, November 20, 2010

eating is a sin hahaha!

My apologies to the world for not updating much.

I'll definitely update when i resign next month o'ryt? my schedule's really tight---so i didnt and dont have time to post.
Anyway, Our 5 boys are doing great. JYJ and HoMin. Our 5 Gods. Our Tohoshinki. I just know they will be back as 5 again. Let's all wait and support them. ♥

Back to my own reality---I've been eating too much lately. wahahaha. as a lady, I'll restrain myself from eating lots. Starting today. yes, today.

Yesterday, after our Japanese class, we (Yuki-ne and I ) went to a mall for lunch (we always do). For the second time, we ate at our newest favorite restaurant *Karate Kid*
We're not japanese..but we just love everything about Japan-----including the FOOD!♥
I took some pictures to share how yummy it looks!----not just the looks, it's really dfelicious! especially the Gyoza! I wanna cook it someday------(when i find another job). hohohoh

the whole course ^^




*burp*----all gone hahahahaha!!!

Me and my brother had a date yesterday too ^^
Before watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1...I took him to Magic Wok for dinner. Eating again. LOL. I ordered 2 bentos with beefy mushroom, mixed veggies, tonkatsu and of course...stir-fried rice.

Me and my friends, KyuBi and Kiel had been eating lots since 2 weeks ago. Omo!!!
Now I feel so bloated...*gigglegiggle* it's not easy to burn fats y' I'll be eating oats for a week. *FIGHT-O*

ja ne..i have to go now. ^^

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

everything's new!

Yo! ひさしぶり! It's been 2 months ne? ^___^ Yeah, I'm kinda busy..with work, school, etc.
Nope I'm not hiding.. ^^
Hmm how should I start?..I have lots to say but I dunno where to start. (forgive brain's not functioning too tired and sleepy to think..)
Maybe I should come back for updates on my day off..urgh..

My day started not so good..but I was happy 'coz I got to see my friend キュビ --(not the Nine Tailed fox XDD). Although we only had 8 hours, I had fun. I always have fun when she's around. She's really nice.Super duper nice! She's 3 years older than I am but I feel we're of the same age. I never thought we'll be like sisters..^^ Actually, it all started because of Kpop. She loves Super Junior and I love Tohoshinki. And then, of course, we won't talk about them forever---we talked about random things and found out that we have a lot in common..especially in food. lol
We leave work together(--sometimes with キエル ト カリサ) 'cause our way home is the same too. Haha funny ne?..

Anyway,she went home early today 'cause she's the one assigned for the opening. I went home with キエル.
Honestly, it's kinda awkward for know how my mind and body react when guys are around.
Since he's really nice..I tried to compress my fear . Thank God it went well!---we got to talk about random things while we were on our way---HALT! -------or maybe I just freaked out because of what キュビ  asked me earlier..(..I dunno what came in her mind to ask me that..she suddenly brought it up. >.<)

*sigh* it's not that I dont like him, nor he's not the ideal guy im looking for..I'm afraid that guys won't like the way I am..*double sigh*. Ahhhh forget it..come what may. かみ さま..よろしく おねがい!

Change Topic-----There are 3 people who are new in Twitter! not really new..but they just made an account this month. ジエジュン, ジュンス, and  ユチュン . ^^ ♥

aahh Im too sleepy to continue..XDD
next time na lang. hahaha

じゃ ね, おやすみなさい!

Friday, August 27, 2010


I was still at the place where I work 4 hours ago. I came home late 'coz I had dinner with my co-workers---soon-to-be friends..
I had fun. Even if I have my own world (as what they always say)..I enjoy being around other people too.
Michi; Melai; Lori; Joan; and Kiel
We were walking round and about----looking for a place to eat. Crossed streets. climbed stairs. Pushed doors. Laughed 'til out of breath. Although we were planning to drink a couple of shots--we ended up with Iced teas and juice---add the bowls of rice, pasta, and pizza.
 Maybe next time, we will go somewhere with real party lights and sounds.

REWIND: (6 hours ago)

I was at my post--standing..waiting for customers to pass by and check out our merchandise.
7:00 pm- number customers = 0
While looking around, being cautious of possible buyers. A sound-----a familiar sound was echoing inside my head.
Love Songs
The sudden urge of wanting to get out of the store and search where the sound was came to me.
I need to know what's going on
I need to know where it's coming from
I need..
I told my partner to watch my post for 15 minutes and went straight to where it is.
It was an exhibit. Wedding gowns, Wedding cakes, Wedding reception motifs, flowers, pink. WEDDING.
The setting was perfect, the ambiance, the music, the singers, the design. *poof * I got lost in my own wedding.
A picture of me, and the man I love beside the tall red cake. PERFECT. I was drowned by my own illusion.
all i could hear were my heartbeat and the orchestra. all I could see were the yellow lights and showering petals, and us. All I could smell was the scent of flowers.
What more if everything was real?

Will it ever be real?

 amazing how music affects emotions

Thursday, August 19, 2010

excessive happiness brings bad luck

I was in the mood when this day started..not just in the mood,.
I was overflowing with happiness to the extent that I felt electricity tingling my insides..especially the one in my chest.
The reason for such feeling was the news I've read yesterday night. A group was surveying for numbers of future attendees of JYJ concert here in Manila. OF COURSE WHY WOULDN'T I BE HAPPY????? I've been waiting for 2 years now-----(lucky me...'coz other fans have waited for 3-7 years----no, i'm not lucky..i feel bad for not knowing such group existed back then when I was on the same soil they were stepping at!!!baka atashi!) happiness stopped because of an incident-------which made me realize that everytime I feel very happy, something bad happens right after..
Like 3 years ago----I was with Oyaji and Neesan to Baclaran..we were very happy (me and Anee) because Dad seldom goes shopping with us. While we were on our way..our vehicle got hit by a van. Anee went flying out the window because of the impact, Dad and I were left inside. All of us injured.
 I think this will be the first time I'll be using this onion-----------

Then this January 1st, I was overwhelmingly happy for spending the first day of 2010 with my family. 2010 greeted me with a BLAST! lol, thanks for the warm welcome----I spent my first few hours in the emergency room.

Ahh human---why are you so complicated?!
next time I will control my happiness---so bad luck wont get irritated and piss me off.

Nyahahah good thing I got to read JYJ page again--------saw many loving Tohoshinki Fans. I really pray they will have their concert here.
If Kami-sama can hear me--(of course He does)..yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!!
"You know how much I love those 5 boys...they are half of what I am." ahh enough said..I think Kami-sama's getting tired of listening to my fandom LMAO! *peace Lord* I know You love me!

sore ja..oyasuminasai minna-san!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Typical Cassiopeia Traits

[TRANS] 100813 Typical Cassiopeia Traits

1. Characteristics

1. Female, usually born in the 80s (after '86), single.
2. Little to no previous dating experience prior to 'meeting' the 5 members of TVXQ. After meeting TVXQ, dates = 0.
3. You compare everyone you meet with the boys and nobody seems to meet your standards besides the 5 of them.
4. You refuse to imagine what life would be like for them after they're married and you feel an immediate dislike towards any female that appears beside them.

2. Process

Main Reasions:
1. Love at first sight: Drawn to the boys because of their appearances, bodies and voices. Reaction to seeing each of the members:
  • Park Yoochun - Ah… look at his warm gaze
  • Kim Junsu - Omo! Look at that adorable smile!
  • Jung Yunho - Oh he's so manly!
  • Shim Changmin - Look at that chiseled jaw…
  • Kim Jaejoong - His eyes are huge… he's so pale and his waist is tiny! (And then you look at yourself and you're overcome with shame)
2. After getting to know them through watching variety shows in such, you fall in love with their personalities, whether it be Yoochun's kindness, Junsu's cuteness, Yunho's cool, Changmin's maturity or Jaejoong's cold appearance and warm personality

3. After learning more and more about the boys, about the stories behind each of them, you are deeply touched and moved by their talent:
  • You're deeply moved by his (Junsu) beautiful voice and touched that he never gave up on his dream even whilst his voice changed
  • You cry when you hear about Yoochun's family and you admire his skill in playing the piano
  • You're awestruck at his (Jaejoong) ability to cook and chilled to the bone by his husky voice
  • You're impressed by genius boy's (Changmin) quick wit, his ridiculously powerful voice and the way he managed to score full marks in his maths test despite having to practice for performances
  • You're unable to tear your eyes off Yunho as he's dancing and rapping
4. You read anything and everything you see related to the boys, you completely lose control whenever you see photos of your bias and you incessantly collect them because you just can't get enough. Without realizing it, you begin to compare all creatures with XY chromosomes (males) to your bias.

5. You're greatly inspired by the boys' determination and dedication and you try as hard as you can to do the same. You want to do well in school and to get one degree after another.

6. When you finally reach the age to start dating, you realize that most people are too afraid to ask you out because they know that you have outrageously high standards.
Ahahaha!! I admit these are my characteristics..YES, I AM A CASSIOPEIA! but I wont get mad or envy the ones they will long as they are happy...*sniffs sniffs* ♥♥♥♥♥ ooohh boys...i♥u

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

Friday, August 6, 2010


Whoa!!! FINALLY! JYJ will soon release their Mini Album called "The"---(unusual title for an album XD)--even so, I've been anticipating for this!!!

Jacket A


1. いつだって君に
2. Get Ready
3. Long Way
4. W
5. いつだって君に (Instrumental)
6. Get Ready (Instrumental)
7. Long Way (Instrumental)
8. W (Instrumental)

“THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” Rehearsal Movie (tentative)
※Note: this is the longer version of making movie video from one included in the simultaneous release of Live DVD.

(T/N: in first press limited edition of THANKSGIVING LIVE DVD, it’s promised that the DVD will include a bonus behind the scene video, but as noted by RZ through this, the bonus video in THANKSGIVING LIVE DVD will be shorter version than this one.)

いつだって君に – Itsudate kimi ni Special Movie

Jacket B

1. いつだって君に
2. Get Ready
3. Long Way
4. W
5. いつだって君に (Floor on the Intelligence Remix)v
6. Get Ready (Caramel Pod Remix)
7. Long Way (DAISHI DANCE Remix)
8. W (The big sky in the east ver.)

source: JYJ official hp
trans + shared by: SYC 

Anyway---what have I been doing lately?----during days off..My mouth couldn't stop munching. Hahahaha!!
and now I'm looking forward to our next pay day, 'coz I'm planning to make Mango Float and cook Jabchae!!*yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaa*

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Odori Odori

It's been a long time since I updated this blog-----yeah..I was kinda busy..with what? random things..LOL

For the month of June and July---I was having LSS ("Last song syndrome") because of F(X). Probably, this is the first time I've mentioned them here..
F(x) is an all girl pop group created by SME.
The reason why I'm more into boy groups because most girl groups are just for show-----you know, they have the looks and charms, but they really dont have the moves and the voice.
2ne1 and F(x) aren't one of them..yohohohoho.ヨホホホホホ!

Anyway, I'm currently watching "One Piece" (anime). I never thought the story would be very interesting! ほんとう に おもしろい!
Although I've watched the latest episodes, I haven't seen the first until----*thinksthinks*..I forgot..LOL
so now I'm just on episode 4.

Last July 26, the company where I work at celebrated their 9th anniversary. It was really fun! and for the record, it's the first time I joined a dance contest in my entire life. Although practicing dance moves were very tiring..I had fun! I really had fun!
Unfortunately, can't share some of the pics because we're not allowed to post it anywhere on the web.

P.S. I already have the Secret Code DVD concert--the problem is..our dvd player couldn't read it!
どう する??  バカ わたし!  ハハハ !

♥"いつか あえる から"♥

Thursday, June 17, 2010

♫Keep In Mind That I Love You♫

What can I say? I was browsing Youtube earlier and found this video. I just want to post this here and share it you guys...
Even though you're a fan of Tohoshinki/TVXQ or not-----you'll be amazed how they love their fans.
I admire them so much!!!! すごい です ね? かれら の しんわ... だから..えいえん に ささえて います よ!

Wah, I think I've said this more than a hundred times. I'll never get tired of saying it again and again.
---obvious I'm a fangirl to the core.XDD---who cares? I'M PROUD OF TOHOSHINKI!

I'll definitely watch the whole concert when the DVD's out..and of course..
ぜったい あえる よ! まって いる から ね!!------ジエジュン え リアン より

ahhh time to sleep! zZZZZ

ジエジュン, ジュンス, ユチュン, ユンホ, チャンミン------あきらめないで! *FIGHT-O!*

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

あほらしい--that's me ^^


The stars formed a letter
I still believe that it wasn’t a coincidence
At the same darkness at the same distance
There has been painted the form W as well
To make you able to see, it will sparkle even brighter
Keep in mind that I love you

One day we will meet a goodbye
Close the eyes to think of you
Wherever you are
It was still the same you as before
Only wish that you’ll be very happy
The dream of our future
We will board the ladder and go step by step
Waiting for you

One day we will meet a goodbye
Close the eyes to think of you
Wherever you are
It was still the same you as before
Until the day we meet
There will always be a place for you here
Because we believe that we are able to laugh with you again

Even as time passes by
Even if the road ahead will be more grieful
You will always be
Our Pride…

This is the translation of JYJ's new song "W"-------very touching ne? an avid fan--I cried while watching the video of their performance at Kyocera Dome (i'm not sure if it was at Kyocera).
Honestly, the first time I've heard the 3 would form a new group,.I became sad...and happy.
Sad because one of the main reasons why I ♥ them (aside from their voices) was their friendship. Their bond----when they sing together, cry together, laugh together, bully each other----they made me love them even more. It's like you're one of you belong in the group.
I'm not saying they are like me..but I'm a dork and they are as well!!
Happy because for us Cassiopeias...they came back. Even though it's been painful for them..they came back..
We dunno the whole story 'bout their case against SME..and the reason why the 2 didn't go with them--they can't share everything to us because they have their private lives too. No matter how much we want the 5 of them to perform on the same stage again-----we can't do anything but support them in everything they do.
(T_T waahhh JYJ のThanksgiving コンセト を みたい..けれど..もう おわった T_T)

♥ね ジエジュン..わたし は JYJ と 東方神起 を ささえて います..♥ FIGHT-O! hang in there!

Ahh sorry if I'm in "fangirl" mode again...well--I'm normally like this..ROFL
------>well..these guys..(especially ジエジュン) are my only inspiration--aside from my family that is..XDD
so just let me be..LOL

About my family..I love them more and more---especially during this time..God's really testing our faith..but whatever happens FIGHT-O Okaasan, Oyaji, Aniki, Oneesan...そして Ichigo! がんばって いて あきらめないで!

みんな-さん FIGHT-O!

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Worst living thing!

What a day!
I've been wandering mentally and physically since yesterday..I didn't go home, and I was goofing around;
eating this..drinking that..talking to friends, etc. Even so, my complex mind was thinking of random stuffs---issues--plans.
And if someone would try to get inside this brain of mine----she/he'll go crazy.
                                                                    this crazy ->

Ahh and now my parents are mad at me. Who wouldn't?!! I'm very inconsiderate with my family. I always make them worry about me. Who in their right minds would do that? I did-------バカ な!!!  (>.< )
YES! じぶん に だいきらい よ!. (T_T)
かみ-さま..ほんとう に ごめなさい!..おかあさん と おやじ も..ほんとう に ごめん! *bangs head against the wall*
Even though what I did was unforgivable..I'm not like this just because I give them some of my salary. I'm not like this because I already have a job--that I could be independent and live on my own. NO!
ちがう よ おかあさん..
I'm lke this because of selfishness..because of frustration---and I got used to doing that..but I WILL change it.
I will continue to reach my dream for them--for they are the most precious people in my heart. I don't know if I could still face them. How shameful I am...The worst daughter/sister indeed.

Oh かみ-さま..ほんとう に ごめなさい..いつも よろしく おねがいします! *kowtows*


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hotness Overload!!!

Ahhhhhh ^^  ひさしぶり!
Today's my rest day-----so I took this chance to do my laundry (I always do
今も, 私 の JJ の スケチ は もう おわりました..that's why I'm starting to work on another picture--this time..the 5 of them..

About my career..everything's good---except for two things---confidence and faith..I just hope they won't fire me..神さま よろしく おねがい!
oohh and another thing----I thought I've fallen for someone..(you know, I thought someone made my heart beat for the 3rd time.) そそ..わるい..
Maybe I just felt I needed someone to notice the invisible me---and this guy gave me attention.
And there I was believing in everything he said and did were true.*bangs head on the wall*
To tell you the truth--I'm serious when it comes to love..I still believe there's only one guy out there for me..*thinks of ジエジュン* hahahaha!
だから さ...I don't like guys/girls playing with people's feelings..ほんとうん きらい! !(>.<)

Anyway, while I was watching Tohoshinki Concert DVD last night----私 の 愛 は JJ に まだ おなじ だ よ! *winkswinks*--I think it's more intense now..まいにち まいにち, jj の 事を もっと 好きになって..♥
The "fangirl" inside me awoken when my eyes saw the JJ with his hair bouncing, and the smile I've always loved was written across his face..*fangurl mode*
"ね ジエジュン! 私の 心 に 何を しました かい??"----what should I do? lol
ことし..日本 え 行たい よ. あなた と 会いたい..♫あなた の そば で わらいたいん だ よ...

with all my heart..find me and I'll be there for you♫
私の心の中で いつも いつまでも ジエジュン が いる よ.

Speaking of hotness! I just saw Junsu's PV of his newest single "Intoxication". I thought he'd sing a love song but it turned out to be a---------*thinksthinks* sexy song!!
Junsu's the "cute" one in the group (Tohoshinki)...and I've witnessed he'd look whatever he wanted to be in front of the camera. I'm sure everyone had seen their attitude in the vid "Mirotic". No one could deny those sexy auras ne?!
If you've seen Junsu's "Intoxication"------*nosebleed* gosh it's like the kid inside him went on a vacation or something..ROFL!! HE'S DAMN SEXXYYYY!!! lol *a little pervy mode*
the set,the rhythm, the choreography--his own body movements, and the lyrics are all sexxyyy!!,,love it! ahahhahahaha!!!

Here's the video of Junsu's "INTOXICATION"..

HALT!---enough pervy
I have to go hands are itching to sketch the 5 of them..
~ja ne!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rest Day! ^^

よ みんな-さん! ごめん ね..I've been very busy with my work these past few weeks. Well, I don't want my employers to be disappointed at me and make them regret of hiring me. Actually, I don't think of my job as a job---It's like I'm still at school; having fun while doing my responsibilities. The people around me are friendly that's why I don't feel alone.
Honestly, I'm thinking of what I'll do next after this. Of course, I'll not be in the company forever. I still have a dream to fulfill. A dream I'm not sure I could reach.
アアアアアア----! So frustrating...especially now that I'm already at my twenties, and I haven't done anything aside from having a job.
And the thought of Tohoshinki disbanding, going solo for how many months? or maybe years?( I hope not )
Those guys were my inspiration to pursue that impossible dream of mine. They still are. 今どこでも いて 彼たち の 事 を かんがえる よ.

Especially this guy who makes me smile in everything he does..What a fangirl I am..ハハハハ!

Anyway, Today's my rest day and my laundry day! As I'm writing this blog..I've been reading Bleach Manga and Naruto. The events are becoming more and more interesting!! *jumpsjumps*

じゃ ね!----have to finish reading the manga and then it's time to do the laundry---or I won't have anything to wear for a week!

かみ-さま.. いつも よろしく おねがいします!

Ahhh omo!--I forgot to eat lunch! hmmmmm I want Mango float..ahahahhaha!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

forever 5

また ひさしぶり です ね?..仕事 に いそがしく なりました ^^ I haven't updated my 3 other blogsites too..
みんな 元気? (*munching eggs and tomatoes*) ハハハハ! ウマイ!

けど さ..すこし 哀しい ですよ.

君の声も, その ほそい かた も

その ひとみ も 私 の もの じゃ ない...
~いたい ほど 好きだ~
ジエジュン, ジュンス ト ユチュン は こんさ--と を します. 3人 だけ..嬉しい です が ユンホ ト チャンミン が いません .
そして..見えない! (T_T) ウワアアアア!!

I have to go now..or I'll be late for work!
じゃ ね! いてきます!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


おはよ みんな-さん! My day yesterday wasn't that bad nor good. BUT. I was happy although I didn't eat anything while I was at the store. Let's talk about the bad things first. I am still nervous up to this very moment. なぜ ? My superior will be back today after a long vacation ( of course I'm glad she's back! ^^). I think I've disappointed her while she was away. Although I'm still a much as possible, I don't want to make mistakes...what can I do about it----I'm a perfectionist. I want everyting to be perfect. ----the main reason why I always want to work alone during school days.
It's not that I didn't get along well with my classmates, but I didn't want to hurt them by saying "your work's not good";"i'm not satisfied with what you've done, lemme change it" "is that crap?"----mean right?---
sometimes, I think I'm no match for someone else's that's why I'm very shy & embarassed to show what I I always choose to work alone. I will be very depressed if I make even just a tiny mistake------silly
I love learning and I love to explore the world.--ahh my life's going crazy. lol

Anyway, I'm happy 'coz one of my superiors know how to speak the Japanese language--she actually talked to me in Nihonggo last night. すごい!! ほんとう に じょうず でした! ^^
5年前に 日本 に  べんきょう しました. ahhh..I wanna go and study there too! Honestly, I want to live there
I could practice my Nihonggo with her, if she'd allow me. I really love meeting people with the same interest as mine---that way, I'd feel I'm quite normal..ROFL

Another thing is-----I will buy 2 Tohoshinki albums tomorrow!! YAY!!
I'd buy those as a birthday
 present to I'd be very proud because I'll buy it with the money I earned! ^^

ahhh life..
I'm still breathing..I will keep on fighting! I'm not born to please people, so I will do what I have to do..I will follow the thing pumping inside my chest.
Until I reach my "dream"... *FIGHTING*! よし! こい!

~I want to convey to you what's inside my heart~
よろしく おねがいします