Saturday, November 20, 2010

eating is a sin hahaha!

My apologies to the world for not updating much.

I'll definitely update when i resign next month o'ryt? my schedule's really tight---so i didnt and dont have time to post.
Anyway, Our 5 boys are doing great. JYJ and HoMin. Our 5 Gods. Our Tohoshinki. I just know they will be back as 5 again. Let's all wait and support them. ♥

Back to my own reality---I've been eating too much lately. wahahaha. as a lady, I'll restrain myself from eating lots. Starting today. yes, today.

Yesterday, after our Japanese class, we (Yuki-ne and I ) went to a mall for lunch (we always do). For the second time, we ate at our newest favorite restaurant *Karate Kid*
We're not japanese..but we just love everything about Japan-----including the FOOD!♥
I took some pictures to share how yummy it looks!----not just the looks, it's really dfelicious! especially the Gyoza! I wanna cook it someday------(when i find another job). hohohoh

the whole course ^^




*burp*----all gone hahahahaha!!!

Me and my brother had a date yesterday too ^^
Before watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1...I took him to Magic Wok for dinner. Eating again. LOL. I ordered 2 bentos with beefy mushroom, mixed veggies, tonkatsu and of course...stir-fried rice.

Me and my friends, KyuBi and Kiel had been eating lots since 2 weeks ago. Omo!!!
Now I feel so bloated...*gigglegiggle* it's not easy to burn fats y' I'll be eating oats for a week. *FIGHT-O*

ja ne..i have to go now. ^^

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