Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kpop Nation 2010

I'm home!-----yes, just like what the title says..the Philippine Kpop Nation 2010!!!! ahhh what can I say..LOL
I bought my first ever DBSK shirt from there..---Sorry I wasn't able to take a pic of it 'coz I washed it right away...(i'm going to wear it on New Year's Eve! ahahaha). I also got my first lanyard. My cousin "Reyna" was with me----LOL.

What made me thrice happy was the moment I felt like I was watching Tohoshinki's concert. There was this group who danced the first stanza and chorus of "mirotic". Honestly, when that group went up on the stage..I thought they were gonna perform 2pm or SS501's song..but then ..♫chug chug chug chug~~urghhh♫..IT'S MIROTIC!!! *dies* My heart just pumped thrice sounds insane, but my hands  and my voice were shaking..
During Tohoshinki/DBSK/TVXQ's concert, whenever they perform 'mirotic'..Cassiopeia would respond and yell. I was super shocked when the Filipino Cassies were yelling and singing along. Of course I took part in it too.

 ♫ non nareul wonhae WONHAE!
non naege ppajyo PPAJYO!
non naege mijyo MIJYO!
heonal su opso
I got you under my skin

Although it's not Tohoshinki performing..I felt sooooooo happy..what more if it's really them----OMG. I think it'd be more than shaking!! -----but the last thing I'd do is to faint. ahahahahahaha!! I will never miss such an opportunity to witness their greatness. ahhhh Tohoshinki----what have you done to me??!!
 Unfortunately..I wasn't able to watch 13 Seouls perform.----it's the mini SuJu group which KyBi supports..In the end, they were the Rookie of the Year!!!! ----Congratulations guys!!!

Mom was with us when we ate lunch..we ate lots..*pig mode*

Oh I forgot to mention..I was looking for JYJ/Tohoshinki huge banners or standee or whatever...sadly, Junsu's the only one who had a standee..
he's super handsome!! and he looked real!
That's all for today folks..I have studying to do..ahahahahaha ^^
I'll definitely attend another kpop gathering..ESPECIALLY the 8G of Cassiopeias!!! ♥

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


*scratches head*----urgh dandruff..LOL but yeah..I do have dandruff these past two months..(stressXstress).
I was actually thinking of a nice title for my post today, the word 'junkie' just popped in my head seconds ago. Why?----I've been a Junk food kid lately..

Hours ago, I ate Pringles and Yanyan  for lunch..yesterday I drank Zagu, and ate Nova chips.
The other day, I ate Jolly fries with grande Zagu..Ahhh..Junkie!
I used to buy lots of 'em and store it inside my locker.
Now...ahahahaha i don't have the budget to buy more than what i need a day. "New Year's celebration" reasons..
It's better to share what you've earned than to buy food for yourself alone right?

Anyway, the Yanyan I bought was a very interesting food..every stick has facts written on it. Like what I got.."frog-------amphibian"...I was really happy it's the first stick I picked..(wahahaha I'm a frog indeed lol).
The others were "Cat---say meow", "Horse-----gallop away", and "Giraffe-----tallest animal" will surely educate children while enjoying the food. ^^-----
why am was i eating it?--i miss being a kid. And a big part of my childhood is my Grandpa, the games and playmates, the children's parties,.etc. *sigh*
Time for dinner...YAY, tomorrow's another day off!---------study time! ^^ I hope I can have a conversation (english and nihonggo) with Sara on New Year's eve if ever she'll come again to celebrate with us. ^^

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wasureppoi haha

Yesterday I was thinking a lot..and now I forgot what he looks like..GREAT. Now you know how forgetful I am..hahahahaha..The thought of remembering the feeling when you saw that person..but not what he looks like makes me laugh..LOL---yeah im laughing at myself. All i can remember is his haircut. that's all. *baka atashi* hohohoho.

Anyway..I just got home and I'm really hungry, so i have to find something edible to this piece of metal beside me..LOL just kidding..We still have some leftovers from christmas..Pasta, Salad, .YAY! Let's dig in!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Joyeux Noel! ^^

Merry Christmas everyone! How was your Noche Buena? Mine was sooooooo fun!
I went home around 6pm on the 24th----I was supposed to be home earlier, but the management extended the store hours.
My sister asked me to go with her and fetch her student at Market-Market. Her name's Sara, a Japanese who have been here for a year and a half...Honestly, I was shy...I was trying to be very friendly and entertain her for she's our guest. Ahhhhh I'm a bad host. really. hahahahha...
We went home by my cousin's car, because we got stuck at the mall..we've been in line for more than an hour and we still haven't found a vacant cab. urgh holiday rush...
Anyway, when we got home we ate dinner...Unfortunately I have a cold until now, ..I couldn't appreciate the food and enjoy its savor.
a little later..Sara's friend (Richard---he's an English teacher like my sister)  came by to accompany her..which means..we had two guests..

I wanted to talk to her in nihonggo to practice my speech...BUT i was really shy! wahohohoho..I focused my attention on my cousins, nephews and nieces..we played games and laughed out loud.
Aniki and my relatives got along with Sara and Richard really well.
I wish it will be the same on New Year's eve.^^

But you know what..I was really ashamed with myself for not having a conversation with Richard when he sat next to me. I got so shy that I didn't know what to talk about..all I did was ask him if he wanted to sing (Karaoke)..and asked about LJ...aaaahhh nonsense..LOL
He went home first for he was very tired and sleepy..---Onee said so...I didn't manage to say goodbye  because I went in the house to wash up and sleep (I was tired and sleepy as well). Wahohohoho sorry i'm telling you's in my head so I have to blurt it out. And I'm feeling something it admiration? MAJIIIIII!????
I remembered what my Aunt asked me when I greeted her "merry christmas"..."it's christmas already and you still haven't got a boyfriend??"------**AKIRA SHOCK**
If they only knew what I feel when no one appreciates my existence as a girl...nyahahaha...ishkabibble! Well, he does looks cute..(he resembles Hiro Mizushima...)-------STOP! what am i thinking!?? when Onee and Aniki find out about this..tsktsk..not good..

Omo..*sigh* anyway..I'm excited about New Year's eve!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Im melting!!!

WAAAHH!! somebody bring TOHOSHINKI/JYJ in front of me!
our LCD tv has scratches out of wanting to get them out of the screen. lol---just kidding---ahhh hopeless gyoza girl. lol

Ive been watching fan-made video clips since an hour ago..JYJ's world wide tour in LA was awesome!!!! of course thanks to those who had video cams that day, and to those who uploaded HDs.!!
They are really awesome.!
demo ne.. something's wrong..why? it said "worldwide" come my country isn't included? I just wish the boys can hear me out. There are lots of Filipino Cassies who've always been supportive to them---even as Tohoshinki ..I still believe the 5 of them will be back on the same stage you know..^^
it's one of the ULTIMATE DREAMs I have. to be able to watch them with my own two eyes-----hear them with my ears, and feel their love for music and fans.....*sigh*

Speaking of Ultimate dreams..I already told God my wishlist for this christmas..
1. i asked for happiness and peace of mind
2. give me inspiration to strive harder for the ones I love
3. bring me an awesome new year.

simple------but to me it's not.
AAHHH------i remember I have to study english and nihongo today!!!! yoroshiku!♥