Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Im melting!!!

WAAAHH!! somebody bring TOHOSHINKI/JYJ in front of me!
our LCD tv has scratches out of wanting to get them out of the screen. lol---just kidding---ahhh hopeless gyoza girl. lol

Ive been watching fan-made video clips since an hour ago..JYJ's world wide tour in LA was awesome!!!! of course thanks to those who had video cams that day, and to those who uploaded HDs.!!
They are really awesome.!
demo ne.. something's wrong..why? it said "worldwide" come my country isn't included? I just wish the boys can hear me out. There are lots of Filipino Cassies who've always been supportive to them---even as Tohoshinki ..I still believe the 5 of them will be back on the same stage you know..^^
it's one of the ULTIMATE DREAMs I have. to be able to watch them with my own two eyes-----hear them with my ears, and feel their love for music and fans.....*sigh*

Speaking of Ultimate dreams..I already told God my wishlist for this christmas..
1. i asked for happiness and peace of mind
2. give me inspiration to strive harder for the ones I love
3. bring me an awesome new year.

simple------but to me it's not.
AAHHH------i remember I have to study english and nihongo today!!!! yoroshiku!♥

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