Tuesday, October 26, 2010

everything's new!

Yo! ひさしぶり! It's been 2 months ne? ^___^ Yeah, I'm kinda busy..with work, school, etc.
Nope I'm not hiding.. ^^
Hmm how should I start?..I have lots to say but I dunno where to start. (forgive me..my brain's not functioning well..im too tired and sleepy to think..)
Maybe I should come back for updates on my day off..urgh..

My day started not so good..but I was happy 'coz I got to see my friend キュビ --(not the Nine Tailed fox XDD). Although we only had 8 hours, I had fun. I always have fun when she's around. She's really nice.Super duper nice! She's 3 years older than I am but I feel we're of the same age. I never thought we'll be like sisters..^^ Actually, it all started because of Kpop. She loves Super Junior and I love Tohoshinki. And then, of course, we won't talk about them forever---we talked about random things and found out that we have a lot in common..especially in food. lol
We leave work together(--sometimes with キエル ト カリサ) 'cause our way home is the same too. Haha funny ne?..

Anyway,she went home early today 'cause she's the one assigned for the opening. I went home with キエル.
Honestly, it's kinda awkward for me..you know how my mind and body react when guys are around.
Since he's really nice..I tried to compress my fear . Thank God it went well!---we got to talk about random things while we were on our way---HALT! -------or maybe I just freaked out because of what キュビ  asked me earlier..(..I dunno what came in her mind to ask me that..she suddenly brought it up. >.<)

*sigh* it's not that I dont like him, nor he's not the ideal guy im looking for..I'm afraid that guys won't like the way I am..*double sigh*. Ahhhh forget it..come what may. かみ さま..よろしく おねがい!

Change Topic-----There are 3 people who are new in Twitter! not really new..but they just made an account this month. ジエジュン, ジュンス, and  ユチュン . ^^ ♥

aahh Im too sleepy to continue..XDD
next time na lang. hahaha

じゃ ね, おやすみなさい!

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