Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rest Day! ^^

よ みんな-さん! ごめん ね..I've been very busy with my work these past few weeks. Well, I don't want my employers to be disappointed at me and make them regret of hiring me. Actually, I don't think of my job as a job---It's like I'm still at school; having fun while doing my responsibilities. The people around me are friendly that's why I don't feel alone.
Honestly, I'm thinking of what I'll do next after this. Of course, I'll not be in the company forever. I still have a dream to fulfill. A dream I'm not sure I could reach.
アアアアアア----! So frustrating...especially now that I'm already at my twenties, and I haven't done anything aside from having a job.
And the thought of Tohoshinki disbanding, going solo for how many months? or maybe years?( I hope not )
Those guys were my inspiration to pursue that impossible dream of mine. They still are. 今どこでも いて 彼たち の 事 を かんがえる よ.

Especially this guy who makes me smile in everything he does..What a fangirl I am..ハハハハ!

Anyway, Today's my rest day and my laundry day! As I'm writing this blog..I've been reading Bleach Manga and Naruto. The events are becoming more and more interesting!! *jumpsjumps*

じゃ ね!----have to finish reading the manga and then it's time to do the laundry---or I won't have anything to wear for a week!

かみ-さま.. いつも よろしく おねがいします!

Ahhh omo!--I forgot to eat lunch! hmmmmm I want Mango float..ahahahhaha!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

forever 5

また ひさしぶり です ね?..仕事 に いそがしく なりました ^^ I haven't updated my 3 other blogsites too..
みんな 元気? (*munching eggs and tomatoes*) ハハハハ! ウマイ!

けど さ..すこし 哀しい ですよ.

君の声も, その ほそい かた も

その ひとみ も 私 の もの じゃ ない...
~いたい ほど 好きだ~
ジエジュン, ジュンス ト ユチュン は こんさ--と を します. 3人 だけ..嬉しい です が ユンホ ト チャンミン が いません .
そして..見えない! (T_T) ウワアアアア!!

I have to go now..or I'll be late for work!
じゃ ね! いてきます!