Thursday, June 17, 2010

♫Keep In Mind That I Love You♫

What can I say? I was browsing Youtube earlier and found this video. I just want to post this here and share it you guys...
Even though you're a fan of Tohoshinki/TVXQ or not-----you'll be amazed how they love their fans.
I admire them so much!!!! すごい です ね? かれら の しんわ... だから..えいえん に ささえて います よ!

Wah, I think I've said this more than a hundred times. I'll never get tired of saying it again and again.
---obvious I'm a fangirl to the core.XDD---who cares? I'M PROUD OF TOHOSHINKI!

I'll definitely watch the whole concert when the DVD's out..and of course..
ぜったい あえる よ! まって いる から ね!!------ジエジュン え リアン より

ahhh time to sleep! zZZZZ

ジエジュン, ジュンス, ユチュン, ユンホ, チャンミン------あきらめないで! *FIGHT-O!*

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

あほらしい--that's me ^^


The stars formed a letter
I still believe that it wasn’t a coincidence
At the same darkness at the same distance
There has been painted the form W as well
To make you able to see, it will sparkle even brighter
Keep in mind that I love you

One day we will meet a goodbye
Close the eyes to think of you
Wherever you are
It was still the same you as before
Only wish that you’ll be very happy
The dream of our future
We will board the ladder and go step by step
Waiting for you

One day we will meet a goodbye
Close the eyes to think of you
Wherever you are
It was still the same you as before
Until the day we meet
There will always be a place for you here
Because we believe that we are able to laugh with you again

Even as time passes by
Even if the road ahead will be more grieful
You will always be
Our Pride…

This is the translation of JYJ's new song "W"-------very touching ne? an avid fan--I cried while watching the video of their performance at Kyocera Dome (i'm not sure if it was at Kyocera).
Honestly, the first time I've heard the 3 would form a new group,.I became sad...and happy.
Sad because one of the main reasons why I ♥ them (aside from their voices) was their friendship. Their bond----when they sing together, cry together, laugh together, bully each other----they made me love them even more. It's like you're one of you belong in the group.
I'm not saying they are like me..but I'm a dork and they are as well!!
Happy because for us Cassiopeias...they came back. Even though it's been painful for them..they came back..
We dunno the whole story 'bout their case against SME..and the reason why the 2 didn't go with them--they can't share everything to us because they have their private lives too. No matter how much we want the 5 of them to perform on the same stage again-----we can't do anything but support them in everything they do.
(T_T waahhh JYJ のThanksgiving コンセト を みたい..けれど..もう おわった T_T)

♥ね ジエジュン..わたし は JYJ と 東方神起 を ささえて います..♥ FIGHT-O! hang in there!

Ahh sorry if I'm in "fangirl" mode again...well--I'm normally like this..ROFL
------>well..these guys..(especially ジエジュン) are my only inspiration--aside from my family that is..XDD
so just let me be..LOL

About my family..I love them more and more---especially during this time..God's really testing our faith..but whatever happens FIGHT-O Okaasan, Oyaji, Aniki, Oneesan...そして Ichigo! がんばって いて あきらめないで!

みんな-さん FIGHT-O!