Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kpop Nation 2010

I'm home!-----yes, just like what the title says..the Philippine Kpop Nation 2010!!!! ahhh what can I say..LOL
I bought my first ever DBSK shirt from there..---Sorry I wasn't able to take a pic of it 'coz I washed it right away...(i'm going to wear it on New Year's Eve! ahahaha). I also got my first lanyard. My cousin "Reyna" was with me----LOL.

What made me thrice happy was the moment I felt like I was watching Tohoshinki's concert. There was this group who danced the first stanza and chorus of "mirotic". Honestly, when that group went up on the stage..I thought they were gonna perform 2pm or SS501's song..but then ..♫chug chug chug chug~~urghhh♫..IT'S MIROTIC!!! *dies* My heart just pumped thrice sounds insane, but my hands  and my voice were shaking..
During Tohoshinki/DBSK/TVXQ's concert, whenever they perform 'mirotic'..Cassiopeia would respond and yell. I was super shocked when the Filipino Cassies were yelling and singing along. Of course I took part in it too.

 ♫ non nareul wonhae WONHAE!
non naege ppajyo PPAJYO!
non naege mijyo MIJYO!
heonal su opso
I got you under my skin

Although it's not Tohoshinki performing..I felt sooooooo happy..what more if it's really them----OMG. I think it'd be more than shaking!! -----but the last thing I'd do is to faint. ahahahahahaha!! I will never miss such an opportunity to witness their greatness. ahhhh Tohoshinki----what have you done to me??!!
 Unfortunately..I wasn't able to watch 13 Seouls perform.----it's the mini SuJu group which KyBi supports..In the end, they were the Rookie of the Year!!!! ----Congratulations guys!!!

Mom was with us when we ate lunch..we ate lots..*pig mode*

Oh I forgot to mention..I was looking for JYJ/Tohoshinki huge banners or standee or whatever...sadly, Junsu's the only one who had a standee..
he's super handsome!! and he looked real!
That's all for today folks..I have studying to do..ahahahahaha ^^
I'll definitely attend another kpop gathering..ESPECIALLY the 8G of Cassiopeias!!! ♥

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