Friday, August 27, 2010


I was still at the place where I work 4 hours ago. I came home late 'coz I had dinner with my co-workers---soon-to-be friends..
I had fun. Even if I have my own world (as what they always say)..I enjoy being around other people too.
Michi; Melai; Lori; Joan; and Kiel
We were walking round and about----looking for a place to eat. Crossed streets. climbed stairs. Pushed doors. Laughed 'til out of breath. Although we were planning to drink a couple of shots--we ended up with Iced teas and juice---add the bowls of rice, pasta, and pizza.
 Maybe next time, we will go somewhere with real party lights and sounds.

REWIND: (6 hours ago)

I was at my post--standing..waiting for customers to pass by and check out our merchandise.
7:00 pm- number customers = 0
While looking around, being cautious of possible buyers. A sound-----a familiar sound was echoing inside my head.
Love Songs
The sudden urge of wanting to get out of the store and search where the sound was came to me.
I need to know what's going on
I need to know where it's coming from
I need..
I told my partner to watch my post for 15 minutes and went straight to where it is.
It was an exhibit. Wedding gowns, Wedding cakes, Wedding reception motifs, flowers, pink. WEDDING.
The setting was perfect, the ambiance, the music, the singers, the design. *poof * I got lost in my own wedding.
A picture of me, and the man I love beside the tall red cake. PERFECT. I was drowned by my own illusion.
all i could hear were my heartbeat and the orchestra. all I could see were the yellow lights and showering petals, and us. All I could smell was the scent of flowers.
What more if everything was real?

Will it ever be real?

 amazing how music affects emotions

Thursday, August 19, 2010

excessive happiness brings bad luck

I was in the mood when this day started..not just in the mood,.
I was overflowing with happiness to the extent that I felt electricity tingling my insides..especially the one in my chest.
The reason for such feeling was the news I've read yesterday night. A group was surveying for numbers of future attendees of JYJ concert here in Manila. OF COURSE WHY WOULDN'T I BE HAPPY????? I've been waiting for 2 years now-----(lucky me...'coz other fans have waited for 3-7 years----no, i'm not lucky..i feel bad for not knowing such group existed back then when I was on the same soil they were stepping at!!!baka atashi!) happiness stopped because of an incident-------which made me realize that everytime I feel very happy, something bad happens right after..
Like 3 years ago----I was with Oyaji and Neesan to Baclaran..we were very happy (me and Anee) because Dad seldom goes shopping with us. While we were on our way..our vehicle got hit by a van. Anee went flying out the window because of the impact, Dad and I were left inside. All of us injured.
 I think this will be the first time I'll be using this onion-----------

Then this January 1st, I was overwhelmingly happy for spending the first day of 2010 with my family. 2010 greeted me with a BLAST! lol, thanks for the warm welcome----I spent my first few hours in the emergency room.

Ahh human---why are you so complicated?!
next time I will control my happiness---so bad luck wont get irritated and piss me off.

Nyahahah good thing I got to read JYJ page again--------saw many loving Tohoshinki Fans. I really pray they will have their concert here.
If Kami-sama can hear me--(of course He does)..yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!!
"You know how much I love those 5 boys...they are half of what I am." ahh enough said..I think Kami-sama's getting tired of listening to my fandom LMAO! *peace Lord* I know You love me!

sore ja..oyasuminasai minna-san!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Typical Cassiopeia Traits

[TRANS] 100813 Typical Cassiopeia Traits

1. Characteristics

1. Female, usually born in the 80s (after '86), single.
2. Little to no previous dating experience prior to 'meeting' the 5 members of TVXQ. After meeting TVXQ, dates = 0.
3. You compare everyone you meet with the boys and nobody seems to meet your standards besides the 5 of them.
4. You refuse to imagine what life would be like for them after they're married and you feel an immediate dislike towards any female that appears beside them.

2. Process

Main Reasions:
1. Love at first sight: Drawn to the boys because of their appearances, bodies and voices. Reaction to seeing each of the members:
  • Park Yoochun - Ah… look at his warm gaze
  • Kim Junsu - Omo! Look at that adorable smile!
  • Jung Yunho - Oh he's so manly!
  • Shim Changmin - Look at that chiseled jaw…
  • Kim Jaejoong - His eyes are huge… he's so pale and his waist is tiny! (And then you look at yourself and you're overcome with shame)
2. After getting to know them through watching variety shows in such, you fall in love with their personalities, whether it be Yoochun's kindness, Junsu's cuteness, Yunho's cool, Changmin's maturity or Jaejoong's cold appearance and warm personality

3. After learning more and more about the boys, about the stories behind each of them, you are deeply touched and moved by their talent:
  • You're deeply moved by his (Junsu) beautiful voice and touched that he never gave up on his dream even whilst his voice changed
  • You cry when you hear about Yoochun's family and you admire his skill in playing the piano
  • You're awestruck at his (Jaejoong) ability to cook and chilled to the bone by his husky voice
  • You're impressed by genius boy's (Changmin) quick wit, his ridiculously powerful voice and the way he managed to score full marks in his maths test despite having to practice for performances
  • You're unable to tear your eyes off Yunho as he's dancing and rapping
4. You read anything and everything you see related to the boys, you completely lose control whenever you see photos of your bias and you incessantly collect them because you just can't get enough. Without realizing it, you begin to compare all creatures with XY chromosomes (males) to your bias.

5. You're greatly inspired by the boys' determination and dedication and you try as hard as you can to do the same. You want to do well in school and to get one degree after another.

6. When you finally reach the age to start dating, you realize that most people are too afraid to ask you out because they know that you have outrageously high standards.
Ahahaha!! I admit these are my characteristics..YES, I AM A CASSIOPEIA! but I wont get mad or envy the ones they will long as they are happy...*sniffs sniffs* ♥♥♥♥♥ ooohh boys...i♥u

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

Friday, August 6, 2010


Whoa!!! FINALLY! JYJ will soon release their Mini Album called "The"---(unusual title for an album XD)--even so, I've been anticipating for this!!!

Jacket A


1. いつだって君に
2. Get Ready
3. Long Way
4. W
5. いつだって君に (Instrumental)
6. Get Ready (Instrumental)
7. Long Way (Instrumental)
8. W (Instrumental)

“THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” Rehearsal Movie (tentative)
※Note: this is the longer version of making movie video from one included in the simultaneous release of Live DVD.

(T/N: in first press limited edition of THANKSGIVING LIVE DVD, it’s promised that the DVD will include a bonus behind the scene video, but as noted by RZ through this, the bonus video in THANKSGIVING LIVE DVD will be shorter version than this one.)

いつだって君に – Itsudate kimi ni Special Movie

Jacket B

1. いつだって君に
2. Get Ready
3. Long Way
4. W
5. いつだって君に (Floor on the Intelligence Remix)v
6. Get Ready (Caramel Pod Remix)
7. Long Way (DAISHI DANCE Remix)
8. W (The big sky in the east ver.)

source: JYJ official hp
trans + shared by: SYC 

Anyway---what have I been doing lately?----during days off..My mouth couldn't stop munching. Hahahaha!!
and now I'm looking forward to our next pay day, 'coz I'm planning to make Mango Float and cook Jabchae!!*yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaa*