Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hotness Overload!!!

Ahhhhhh ^^  ひさしぶり!
Today's my rest day-----so I took this chance to do my laundry (I always do so..lol).
今も, 私 の JJ の スケチ は もう おわりました..that's why I'm starting to work on another picture--this time..the 5 of them..

About my career..everything's good---except for two things---confidence and faith..I just hope they won't fire me..神さま よろしく おねがい!
oohh and another thing----I thought I've fallen for someone..(you know, I thought someone made my heart beat for the 3rd time.) そそ..わるい..
Maybe I just felt I needed someone to notice the invisible me---and this guy gave me attention.
And there I was believing in everything he said and did were true.*bangs head on the wall*
To tell you the truth--I'm serious when it comes to love..I still believe there's only one guy out there for me..*thinks of ジエジュン* hahahaha!
だから さ...I don't like guys/girls playing with people's feelings..ほんとうん きらい! !(>.<)

Anyway, while I was watching Tohoshinki Concert DVD last night----私 の 愛 は JJ に まだ おなじ だ よ! *winkswinks*--I think it's more intense now..まいにち まいにち, jj の 事を もっと 好きになって..♥
The "fangirl" inside me awoken when my eyes saw the JJ with his hair bouncing, and the smile I've always loved was written across his face..*fangurl mode*
"ね ジエジュン! 私の 心 に 何を しました かい??"----what should I do? lol
ことし..日本 え 行たい よ. あなた と 会いたい..♫あなた の そば で わらいたいん だ よ...

with all my heart..find me and I'll be there for you♫
私の心の中で いつも いつまでも ジエジュン が いる よ.

Speaking of hotness! I just saw Junsu's PV of his newest single "Intoxication". I thought he'd sing a love song but it turned out to be a---------*thinksthinks* sexy song!!
Junsu's the "cute" one in the group (Tohoshinki)...and I've witnessed he'd look whatever he wanted to be in front of the camera. I'm sure everyone had seen their attitude in the vid "Mirotic". No one could deny those sexy auras ne?!
If you've seen Junsu's "Intoxication"------*nosebleed* gosh it's like the kid inside him went on a vacation or something..ROFL!! HE'S DAMN SEXXYYYY!!! lol *a little pervy mode*
the set,the rhythm, the choreography--his own body movements, and the lyrics are all sexxyyy!!,,love it! ahahhahahaha!!!

Here's the video of Junsu's "INTOXICATION"..

HALT!---enough pervy mode..lol
I have to go now...my hands are itching to sketch the 5 of them..
~ja ne!

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