Saturday, December 25, 2010

Joyeux Noel! ^^

Merry Christmas everyone! How was your Noche Buena? Mine was sooooooo fun!
I went home around 6pm on the 24th----I was supposed to be home earlier, but the management extended the store hours.
My sister asked me to go with her and fetch her student at Market-Market. Her name's Sara, a Japanese who have been here for a year and a half...Honestly, I was shy...I was trying to be very friendly and entertain her for she's our guest. Ahhhhh I'm a bad host. really. hahahahha...
We went home by my cousin's car, because we got stuck at the mall..we've been in line for more than an hour and we still haven't found a vacant cab. urgh holiday rush...
Anyway, when we got home we ate dinner...Unfortunately I have a cold until now, ..I couldn't appreciate the food and enjoy its savor.
a little later..Sara's friend (Richard---he's an English teacher like my sister)  came by to accompany her..which means..we had two guests..

I wanted to talk to her in nihonggo to practice my speech...BUT i was really shy! wahohohoho..I focused my attention on my cousins, nephews and nieces..we played games and laughed out loud.
Aniki and my relatives got along with Sara and Richard really well.
I wish it will be the same on New Year's eve.^^

But you know what..I was really ashamed with myself for not having a conversation with Richard when he sat next to me. I got so shy that I didn't know what to talk about..all I did was ask him if he wanted to sing (Karaoke)..and asked about LJ...aaaahhh nonsense..LOL
He went home first for he was very tired and sleepy..---Onee said so...I didn't manage to say goodbye  because I went in the house to wash up and sleep (I was tired and sleepy as well). Wahohohoho sorry i'm telling you's in my head so I have to blurt it out. And I'm feeling something it admiration? MAJIIIIII!????
I remembered what my Aunt asked me when I greeted her "merry christmas"..."it's christmas already and you still haven't got a boyfriend??"------**AKIRA SHOCK**
If they only knew what I feel when no one appreciates my existence as a girl...nyahahaha...ishkabibble! Well, he does looks cute..(he resembles Hiro Mizushima...)-------STOP! what am i thinking!?? when Onee and Aniki find out about this..tsktsk..not good..

Omo..*sigh* anyway..I'm excited about New Year's eve!!!!

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