Thursday, August 19, 2010

excessive happiness brings bad luck

I was in the mood when this day started..not just in the mood,.
I was overflowing with happiness to the extent that I felt electricity tingling my insides..especially the one in my chest.
The reason for such feeling was the news I've read yesterday night. A group was surveying for numbers of future attendees of JYJ concert here in Manila. OF COURSE WHY WOULDN'T I BE HAPPY????? I've been waiting for 2 years now-----(lucky me...'coz other fans have waited for 3-7 years----no, i'm not lucky..i feel bad for not knowing such group existed back then when I was on the same soil they were stepping at!!!baka atashi!) happiness stopped because of an incident-------which made me realize that everytime I feel very happy, something bad happens right after..
Like 3 years ago----I was with Oyaji and Neesan to Baclaran..we were very happy (me and Anee) because Dad seldom goes shopping with us. While we were on our way..our vehicle got hit by a van. Anee went flying out the window because of the impact, Dad and I were left inside. All of us injured.
 I think this will be the first time I'll be using this onion-----------

Then this January 1st, I was overwhelmingly happy for spending the first day of 2010 with my family. 2010 greeted me with a BLAST! lol, thanks for the warm welcome----I spent my first few hours in the emergency room.

Ahh human---why are you so complicated?!
next time I will control my happiness---so bad luck wont get irritated and piss me off.

Nyahahah good thing I got to read JYJ page again--------saw many loving Tohoshinki Fans. I really pray they will have their concert here.
If Kami-sama can hear me--(of course He does)..yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!!
"You know how much I love those 5 boys...they are half of what I am." ahh enough said..I think Kami-sama's getting tired of listening to my fandom LMAO! *peace Lord* I know You love me!

sore ja..oyasuminasai minna-san!!!

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