Sunday, March 28, 2010


おはよ みんな-さん! My day yesterday wasn't that bad nor good. BUT. I was happy although I didn't eat anything while I was at the store. Let's talk about the bad things first. I am still nervous up to this very moment. なぜ ? My superior will be back today after a long vacation ( of course I'm glad she's back! ^^). I think I've disappointed her while she was away. Although I'm still a much as possible, I don't want to make mistakes...what can I do about it----I'm a perfectionist. I want everyting to be perfect. ----the main reason why I always want to work alone during school days.
It's not that I didn't get along well with my classmates, but I didn't want to hurt them by saying "your work's not good";"i'm not satisfied with what you've done, lemme change it" "is that crap?"----mean right?---
sometimes, I think I'm no match for someone else's that's why I'm very shy & embarassed to show what I I always choose to work alone. I will be very depressed if I make even just a tiny mistake------silly
I love learning and I love to explore the world.--ahh my life's going crazy. lol

Anyway, I'm happy 'coz one of my superiors know how to speak the Japanese language--she actually talked to me in Nihonggo last night. すごい!! ほんとう に じょうず でした! ^^
5年前に 日本 に  べんきょう しました. ahhh..I wanna go and study there too! Honestly, I want to live there
I could practice my Nihonggo with her, if she'd allow me. I really love meeting people with the same interest as mine---that way, I'd feel I'm quite normal..ROFL

Another thing is-----I will buy 2 Tohoshinki albums tomorrow!! YAY!!
I'd buy those as a birthday
 present to I'd be very proud because I'll buy it with the money I earned! ^^

ahhh life..
I'm still breathing..I will keep on fighting! I'm not born to please people, so I will do what I have to do..I will follow the thing pumping inside my chest.
Until I reach my "dream"... *FIGHTING*! よし! こい!

~I want to convey to you what's inside my heart~
よろしく おねがいします

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stop The Time

おはよ みんなさん! I've been very busy these days that's why I couldn't post right after work. Despite the "busy-ness"'m still updated to the world of Jpop---specifically Tohoshinki..and thanks to my dear cousin who's updating me about other artists.
I've already downloaded the new Japanese album of FTIsland "Au Revoir". But still, my favorite songs of them are Raining, Stars, A Song For You, and Always Be Mine.
I've downloaded the video of Toki wo Tomete last night, but I'm still searching for an HD version. Omo, 何でも の かみ の いろ は 大好き だ よ!'. Ahahaha here I am again..I thought I'd be very busy with work that I might forget seems my prediction was

東方神起 の コンセ-ト を 見たい..I want time to stop, and I want that moment to last forever..*fandomness mode*

Ahh..日本語 を もっと もっと べんきょう する..JJ は もう じょおず です ね?..Ahh can't wait for Sunao ni Narenakute!!

yoshi!--ja ne min'na! しごと え もう いく よ..^^
元気 だ ね?!♥

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Long Time No Post ^^

みんな-さん ひさしぶり!!
I'm not as tired as last night so, here I am writing nonsense

What I have been doing these past few days?
I wake up every morning, eat breakfast, go to work, go home, send my report, listen to music, sleep...I've been like this for more than a week now. I'm not as free as before but I love being busy. I just can't do other things now such as sketching portraits (of JJ?? ROFL)---but I have a pending sketch of him, I haven't finished it yet although all I need is to fix the hair and the shade..(sorry..I've been saying this lots of times but let me say this again..
ジエジュンの事 を 本当に好き.) ---もし彼がこれを見て、彼は私のことを笑う でしょう?..
私が東方神起のコンサートを見るのだろうか?--見たい!見たい!.. someday, somewhere..they are there wherever they are, and I'm here..just here..LOL---ahhh..maybe I just need sleep...

*currently listening to "Toki wo Tomete"*

AND..I need DongBang music..I used to listen to them all the, I could just listen every night.
明日も がんばります よ..

もし..私 が 私 の 夢 と 結婚 しました..
そして..私 の 夢 は ジエジュン ----だから..私 がジエジュン と 結婚 しました..*bangs head on the wall*
~ja ne! I have to sleep's gonna be another beginning for everyone..let's all do our best!

Just like what my bestfriend told me----you don't let go of your dreams, you chase them!..

Monday, March 15, 2010


생일 축하합니다!
おたんじょび おめでとう!

Choi Jong Hoon (FTIsland)

I want to greet my friend "Joh" a Happy Birthday as well!!..ahhh time really flies fast..we're in our twenties now..I'm happy and a little sad about it..
Happy 'coz 20s meant freedom..(not total freedom--I mean, at this time, one can choose their fate)--the real journey begins.
Sad 'coz when I look back, I remember I've wasted a lot of time..
but..see to it that I'll fight until the end!!!! YOSHI!!! KOI!!! XDD

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sleepy and ALIVE!! *lol*

ただいま!..yep I just got back from work! I haven't done anything useful at the shop yet, but I will do my best when I've learned everything (today was my First day at the shop ^^). I'd really love to help people dress up. I'm not a fashionista and real stylist..but I do know how to dress up..(pair this with that, and that with this, etc.)..
I still felt tired though. Even though you didn't do anything for the whole day, as long as you're out of your house, or not at your relaxing'll get exhausted.
I honestly need a hot bath..

Anyway..actually, I never thought of updating my blog..I just sent an e-mail of my report to my superior..but I accidentally read an EXCITING NEWS!!! *wiggle wiggle*

I don't remember when I posted the rumor about JJ to be in a Japanese Drama..but sad to say IT'S NOT A RUMOR!! *sarcastic laugh*--no I'm not upset..I'M HAPPY!!--why? because it's JJ and it's Japanese..I'd love to learn Korean language, but I'm more familiar with I'd like to hear him using it. He's going to be one of the main characters!! YAY!

Here's the article I've read: (SOURCE:

Sankei Sports News

2010.3.9 04:33

It is confirmed that Jaejoong from TVXQ (24) will debut at Fuji TV’s drama “Sunaoni Narenakute”
(Starts on April, Thursdays, 10.00 PM) for the first time on the 8th.)
Jaejoong who played a main role of a Japan-Korea collaboration movie “Heaven’s Postman”
written by a popular writer, Eriko Kitagawa (48) will debut as a Japanese actor with the drama “Sunaoni Narenakute.”
This is a youth group drama of five men and women that meat through an internet communication tool “twitter.”
The five friends who get over the problems that each had become a true friends.
It will be co-starred by an actor, Eita (27), and an actress, Juri Ueno (23).
Jaejoong was selected to play a role of a doctor who came to Japan with his young sister and work at a medical equipment maker company, but he is troubled with the pressure without much business results.

Eita will play a role of a photographer; Ueno will play a role of a high school substitute teacher.

There are also Tetsuji Tamayama (29), Megumi Seki (24) who play the part of the friends who met through twitter.
Producer Toshiyuki Nakano said,
Jaejoong have the overwhelming presence that does not bend one’s eyes.
On the other hand, he has a personality of a jocular one.
We made his role suitable to his personality.”
Nakano expects great overall results.
Jaejoong mentioned,
“It is a different field from my normal activities, so I feel tense a bit, but at the same time,
I am very happy and I wish to have a great time photographing with other co-stars.
I will do my very best! Dozo Yorosiku Onegai simasu! (Please look forward to it!)“

Jaejoong of TVXQ, who has a beautiful figure and a great singing ability.
With his new “acting power”, his popularity in Japan seems to rise even more and more!

I will definitley have a copy of this drama! *must-watch!!*