Friday, August 27, 2010


I was still at the place where I work 4 hours ago. I came home late 'coz I had dinner with my co-workers---soon-to-be friends..
I had fun. Even if I have my own world (as what they always say)..I enjoy being around other people too.
Michi; Melai; Lori; Joan; and Kiel
We were walking round and about----looking for a place to eat. Crossed streets. climbed stairs. Pushed doors. Laughed 'til out of breath. Although we were planning to drink a couple of shots--we ended up with Iced teas and juice---add the bowls of rice, pasta, and pizza.
 Maybe next time, we will go somewhere with real party lights and sounds.

REWIND: (6 hours ago)

I was at my post--standing..waiting for customers to pass by and check out our merchandise.
7:00 pm- number customers = 0
While looking around, being cautious of possible buyers. A sound-----a familiar sound was echoing inside my head.
Love Songs
The sudden urge of wanting to get out of the store and search where the sound was came to me.
I need to know what's going on
I need to know where it's coming from
I need..
I told my partner to watch my post for 15 minutes and went straight to where it is.
It was an exhibit. Wedding gowns, Wedding cakes, Wedding reception motifs, flowers, pink. WEDDING.
The setting was perfect, the ambiance, the music, the singers, the design. *poof * I got lost in my own wedding.
A picture of me, and the man I love beside the tall red cake. PERFECT. I was drowned by my own illusion.
all i could hear were my heartbeat and the orchestra. all I could see were the yellow lights and showering petals, and us. All I could smell was the scent of flowers.
What more if everything was real?

Will it ever be real?

 amazing how music affects emotions

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