Monday, April 18, 2011

Stay focused!

Nah----Impossible but, i'll do my best. ^^
I've been a normal lady these past few

1. I deleted my social networking accounts except for twitter.
2. I changed my desktop wallpaper from Tohoshinki to Johnny Depp
3. seldom listen to the rising gods of the east's music----i stopped actually..but my brother plays their songs aloud so I can still hear them.
4. I cut off my phone-internet connection.
5. I use the PC to check and update twitter once a day only..----(hey that's an improvement XD)
6. I've been focusing on studying Japanese, Korean and French at the same time.
7. blah blah blah..etc.

I said these activities were normal 'coz i've been one of those netizens-----people living in the cyber world.
Of course, as you all know, since the year i've known TVXQ, my life had been revolving around them..Yes, they have inspired me a lot...I got so blinded that i didn't notice that loving them so much distracted me from fulfilling my dream---even distracted me from identifying what that dream was.

*JJANG*--the frog's awake..finally! Well, I didn't say it's their fault..It's MY fault. MINE.
Of course..if ever they'll hold a concert here..I'll definitely watch them..But for now..I have to stay focused..and find what I gotta do..what I should be in this lifetime; a chef..or a designer perhaps..
God guide me. *bows*
Anyway.. I have to clean my face before April ends..I have to look presentable or my sister and her friend may lose their faces for recommending me to their friend..of course, in my brain..the thought "what if he's the one?" floats for a week now. Shahahahha. ashhhh. Ja ne. (^○^)