Sunday, March 28, 2010


おはよ みんな-さん! My day yesterday wasn't that bad nor good. BUT. I was happy although I didn't eat anything while I was at the store. Let's talk about the bad things first. I am still nervous up to this very moment. なぜ ? My superior will be back today after a long vacation ( of course I'm glad she's back! ^^). I think I've disappointed her while she was away. Although I'm still a much as possible, I don't want to make mistakes...what can I do about it----I'm a perfectionist. I want everyting to be perfect. ----the main reason why I always want to work alone during school days.
It's not that I didn't get along well with my classmates, but I didn't want to hurt them by saying "your work's not good";"i'm not satisfied with what you've done, lemme change it" "is that crap?"----mean right?---
sometimes, I think I'm no match for someone else's that's why I'm very shy & embarassed to show what I I always choose to work alone. I will be very depressed if I make even just a tiny mistake------silly
I love learning and I love to explore the world.--ahh my life's going crazy. lol

Anyway, I'm happy 'coz one of my superiors know how to speak the Japanese language--she actually talked to me in Nihonggo last night. すごい!! ほんとう に じょうず でした! ^^
5年前に 日本 に  べんきょう しました. ahhh..I wanna go and study there too! Honestly, I want to live there
I could practice my Nihonggo with her, if she'd allow me. I really love meeting people with the same interest as mine---that way, I'd feel I'm quite normal..ROFL

Another thing is-----I will buy 2 Tohoshinki albums tomorrow!! YAY!!
I'd buy those as a birthday
 present to I'd be very proud because I'll buy it with the money I earned! ^^

ahhh life..
I'm still breathing..I will keep on fighting! I'm not born to please people, so I will do what I have to do..I will follow the thing pumping inside my chest.
Until I reach my "dream"... *FIGHTING*! よし! こい!

~I want to convey to you what's inside my heart~
よろしく おねがいします

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