Tuesday, December 28, 2010


*scratches head*----urgh dandruff..LOL but yeah..I do have dandruff these past two months..(stressXstress).
I was actually thinking of a nice title for my post today, the word 'junkie' just popped in my head seconds ago. Why?----I've been a Junk food kid lately..

Hours ago, I ate Pringles and Yanyan  for lunch..yesterday I drank Zagu, and ate Nova chips.
The other day, I ate Jolly fries with grande Zagu..Ahhh..Junkie!
I used to buy lots of 'em and store it inside my locker.
Now...ahahahaha i don't have the budget to buy more than what i need a day. "New Year's celebration" reasons..
It's better to share what you've earned than to buy food for yourself alone right?

Anyway, the Yanyan I bought was a very interesting food..every stick has facts written on it. Like what I got.."frog-------amphibian"...I was really happy it's the first stick I picked..(wahahaha I'm a frog indeed lol).
The others were "Cat---say meow", "Horse-----gallop away", and "Giraffe-----tallest animal"....it will surely educate children while enjoying the food. ^^-----
why am was i eating it?--i miss being a kid. And a big part of my childhood is my Grandpa, the games and playmates, the children's parties,.etc. *sigh*
Time for dinner...YAY, tomorrow's another day off!---------study time! ^^ I hope I can have a conversation (english and nihonggo) with Sara on New Year's eve if ever she'll come again to celebrate with us. ^^

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