Friday, January 1, 2010

Unfortunately Lucky

I was thinking about my plans throughout this 2010, it's time for some action! *yayaya* lol.
Like the others my family & relatives stayed at home for new year's eve. Dad cooked the our traditional foods every occassion--which are spaghetti, fried chicken, and buko salad (only during xmas & new year)..Dad has always been the chef during holidays..(yumyum--my Dad's spaghetti, buko salad, and gelatin are the best). Mom cleaned the house and bought ingredients for Dad..
As for me..I bought 10pcs of buko thursday morning, helped Mom and Dad a little..slept and woke up before the countdown. (I haven't had enough sleep yet 'coz my cousin and I had a drama marathon the night before Media Noche)..

I never thought 2010 would suprise me with a BANG..but it did..
It's been a tradition to make loud noises, light fireworks & firecrackers, blow horns, etc when the clock strikes 12am..No no could never make me light any firecrackers . I am scared to get injured with it. Fireworks are beautiful with all its different colors, and how it explodes on mid-air..
During christmas, I've already decided that I will never take a single step out of the house. lol

But then, right after the countdown, I thought why not join the folks outside for a's New year's eve anyway..i'm not gonna spoil the "new year"
So there..I went outside..I stood by our compound's gate..beside my pregnant cousin--Marfs-neesan..(she too came out with the same reason as mine.)
We were watching the others lighting fireworks..and yeah, the sky looked amazing. ^^
As my cousin lit a batch of fireworks..something went wrong and one came flying towards us. The moment it exploded, it felt like I was hit on the head, and my ears heard long piercing sound. Without thinking, I looked at Marfs-neesan..I was worried of course!--She's pregnant..thank God her injury wasn't bad as her younger sister's..Via has wounds on her right arm and on her tummy while Marfs-ne has on her left thigh..Me?---I got hit yes..just a little wound at my left elbow., (and because of brother laughed at me..I was supposed to be as worse as Via..'coz the explosion was between us. Onii-san said I am

We went to the hospital for Tetanus Toxoid injection..we were there for about 5 hours..

That's how 2010 surprised us..with a it's not funny.but i find it amusing..

Just like last Nov.04, 2007..we had a vehicular the end I only had small abrassion and puncture..
when we were brought to the hospital..the ER doctors even mistook me as a relative and told me to go out because the ER's getting
I told him "uhmm..I'm a patient too.." then I showed him my bleeding leg.. he just looked at me and continued with what he was doing..
I think I am unfortunately lucky /coz I always find myself in unfortunate situations..lucky 'coz I get to survive with just scratches..small wounds and bruises..Thank God for that..ほんとう に ありがとう !

I hope 2010 will be a great year despite this unfortunate beginning..*fighting*

here's a souvenir from the hospital's ER:

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