Tuesday, January 19, 2010


ごめんね. 本当にごめんなさい!  私はもうないのか分からない . どうすればいいですか? Ahh..Even though I think I can surpass anything, why do I feel so helpless?  ♫I guess it's just a helpless night..a helpless night, a helpless night.♫ Haha, with my future falling to pieces, i can still smile; i can still fool around..*sigh*
Most of the people surrounding me pull me down. Is that part of your challenge?--if so...I can take it!  *Aja Aja Fighting!*
I just don't know if I'll continue fighting for my dream..my heart, mind, and soul----they are arguing a lot these days..
My Heart said it's tired..so just dream a simple life. A house for Mom & Dad, food for everday, being happy everyday.
My Mind said it's going crazy..it can't continue to think of ways to reach my dream..it supports my heart..
But my Soul keeps the faith. That no matter how big & impossible my dream may be..there's always a way.
I pray for forgiveness..I've been a mean imoto/musume/tomodachi..I've been selfish just for my dreams.

Now, i still don't know what will be the next step..whatever happens,よろしくおねがいします.

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