Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jaejoong made my day again and again and again..

Ahahahahaha..I SOOOO LOVE JJ!!!

*looks around* Where's JJ??-----I'm cheating I'm go on, ride a plane and catch me--go mad...
<<*sigh*---I'm in a fangurl state again..>>

今どこにいる?私がだまされた ..待っています ..LOL..大好き!!!
if ever God will give me a chance to say something to you..面と向かって 彼に伝えたい.."thank you for the inspiration..thank you for the cheers and tears,thank you for existing.."
If you guys think I'm crazy------I think I guy made me what I am blame him! lol
but without this guy..I'd be a goner..---lifeless..

~Always Keep the Faith~

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