Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the shoe not recommended for Job-Hunting

Can I shout here??

I really felt so down not the entire day---but 3/4s of it..lol
Well, Andy and I was off job-hunting..and our first stop was the "RCBC plaza"..
So she went to my house and picked me up----and did some make-overs ..lol. Rode a jeepney to the place where we're supposed to go. It seemed Andy was hallucinating, 'coz she thought we already passed by her "landmark"..so---we told the driver to stop, and there--we went down the vehicle and looked around-------Yep---not there yet! ahahahahahahaah!!!

We decided to walk from there since it's near....(was it??----it's NOT!) lol..
(Take Note!!: we we're wearing stiletto heels!!---the killer shoe)..I tell you--it's really tiring!!
and our feet were like being grinded each step!

Of course, while walking---we were having small talks....what's funny was..
every word coming out from our mouths comes out with air..with short breaths..
"Yhouh khnohw hhhyyahnnneehhh.,hlleeehhttshh gho dohhwnh thhhe hunnhdderrr hhhh passhhh hhh"
"hhyyyeeaahhh haaayy thhiihhnkhh hweee shhhhohoouulldh"

Ahhhh..the cruel part was...when we finally reached our destination..the receptionist didn't let us in without knowing the name of the company we're applying for!..(who would?---ahahahahaha)
so I told Andy, we should find a Payphone or an internet shop---just to ask Mom about the company.
(the heeeeellsssssss!!! itai! itai! itaaaiiiii!!)
Another problem?--there was no payphone around , nor an i-net shop! (how lucky ne? ahahaha)
We found one, but it took us an hour ..(already changed from heels to flats....we really couldn't take it any longer! XD)
After getting the info we needed..we returned to RCBC..*sigh..finally*.
We went to the Comfort room to do some re-touching.---Wore the heels again----yoshi..time to present ourselves!
This time, the receptionist allowed us...*triumphant laugh*..When we reached the 43rd floor..and the office;
the employee greeted us with a smile------"I'm sorry, but we're not hiring employees. The company didn't give a go signal."
WHAAAAAAAAA! all we could do that time was look at each other,.
We didn't even get a chance to apply to other offices for the sun's about to set..In short-----We didn't accomplish anything.

But. as we we're on our way to SM..we listened to Andy's mp3. *poof* our moods changed for a while..
who wouldn't?---"O jung ban hap" was playing!..and after that, "proud", "always there", "tonight"..awwww these boys could make us smile ne?..lol (a blissful feeling for about 20-25 minutes..).

When we reached SM,.Andy asked me if I want to eat anything.,I answered no, 'coz my tummy's not feeling well, and I didn't have the appetite. We strolled around for a while, and then went home....
(my feet was shouting for vacation...lol..Andy's used to wearing heels, but her feet ached as well..)----the effect on me was twice as hers..

I hope something good will happen this week..^^ *hoping*fighting*

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  1. Ah here we go. I would suggest you still put the comment code at the bottom of the post though. I've been fiddling with Blogger codes for years but even I didn't think of clicking the title from the archives (Opening the post separately with its own URL does open the comment section...I can't believe I didn't think of it wahahaha! Then again it doesn't help that your layout codes don't work in Firefox - from The Dream down everything are scrolling around - and I had to switch to IE to leave message in your shoutbox! >.<).

    ------"I'm sorry, but we're not hiring employees. The company didn't give a go signal."

    Never go to a company on a hearsay. Call and confirm for openings first, unless you know an insider. Hehehe.

    But we'll keep on fighting and hoping, kid! We'll see the light at the end of the tunnel one of these days! :)♥