Sunday, January 3, 2010

Taking the first step.'s already 1:15 am..

After watching "Itazura na Kiss" an hour ago..I took a shower..ahhhh kimochi!! ^_^
I watched it from beginning to end..hima desu kara na..besides, I'm planning to have my picture taken today for my resume..Uh-huh..I'm going to make myself busy with work----so I could earn & save lots for my future..I'll not have enough time to relax nor sit all day.
As of now, I have to prepare myself for upcoming interviews..You see..I'm not good with the English language-----(even with our own language.,). I am thinking that I should try to be a call-center agent; even though I'm not good expressing my thoughts through speaking..I should try ne?.I admit I was rejected by a certain call-center company because my English wasn't good. Hah!---who cares? I know I gave my best that time. I always give my best shot.  諦めないで!! *Fighting*
Waahhh ganbarimasu yo! No matter how many times I get rejected..ganbarimasu! I have to graduate from College so I could find a stable job too..そして..私 の 慶び を 見つけて 欲しい'ん です. Not just for my sake but for my family as well.

But you know..even if I sound stupid ..I'm still waiting for my Aunt's call saying "Ne, your departure will be get ready!"  --The reason I'm having second thoughts about this job hunting thing.
ahhhh.. 如何するかい?---私 の プリンスチャーミング は どこ か な..**looks around**
JJ どこ? lol imagination's at it again..ahh..whatever!

Anyway, later..I'll be heading to Belle's house..we're gonna watch KAT-TUN's Break the Record concert..^_^ ..and about our evil plans..wohohohoho..

Come to think of it.,Aihara Kotoko and I have something in common..our lives revolve around 1 person..
our difference is..hers is reality..and mine's just an illusion. けど さ..かまわない よ long as my world's long as I have this drive to chase after my dreams..
Last night..I heard from someone that I am snob; that I ignored her friend's I? Well, I have my own world back in he was never my classmate..just a schoolmate,
and I was afraid of boys..Whenever some guy approaches me, I get stiff and my aura's yelling "don't come near me!"..Maybe they sensed that..I got rid 60% of that fear out of me..To tell you the truth..I'm afraid to get hurt..この 痛み は もう いい です よ..I can take more, but this time isnt the right time..I asked God to give them to me gradually..someday..maybe i'll be ready to be in a relationship..for now, i need to know how cruel this world can be..

~ja ne~

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