Thursday, January 7, 2010

JJ: Seductive Angel.

Omo..why did God create a seductive angel like this!? Forgive me for I have sinned..


Hahahaha--because of Tohoshinki, I think I became a pervert!! (points finger at YunJae) lol
I accidentally saw this video at "DBSKsleeplessNights" site, I swear----I was searching for "All About DBSK Seasons 1-3 DVD" downloads..and this..*nosebleeds**arrrrgghhh*
JJ should stop doing those..or perverted side would dominate my personality..(is it a bad thing?? lol)-----well, at least..he's not as sexy as Yunho (sorry JJ,.lol)..if you've seen their 4th live tour Secret Code Concert..and you've watched them perform the song "9095"-----I swear Yunho's uber HOOTTTT!!..
(pardon my swearing---for my eyes witnessed sinful acts *ROFL*)

I think my body's out of blood..*LMAO*

Credits: Tohosexy, DBSKSleeplessNights

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