Monday, December 14, 2009


I just went to a blogger's site..She asked "what is GIVING" to the readers..
I thought, yeah right..what is giving for me?..then these words came out of my brain..

The word of giving is composed of love, sacrifice, offering, letting go, kindness..
there's no greater joy than seeing the person you've shown the act of "giving" happy..very heartwarming..
We must not expect something in return

..we find ourselves happier than those who received something even though they don't give something in return..

Awww..I miss my Grandpa very much.,ever since his birthdays were dull; I always find myself mourning on the day of our birth..(we share the same birthday--exactly 75 years apart)..It's like no one can make me feel special on that day except him..
Now Christmas is near..

Anyway..I want to bang someone's head on the wall..
(never mind the reason why..XD)
i don't want to change my christmas mood..

Oh.,my sister Belle is writing stories..She's really amazing! She created if I'm not mistaken..I think 6 plots!
I wish I could use the complexity of my dear brain like that..hahaha!!
Although I wanna do random things at the same time..I can't (no one does)..because luckily, I have one body (if i have more than one body, extra hands, head, and feet-----I will be considered as non-human being---An Alien..hahahaha!!)--that would be weird and scary.
I'm trying to give her a hand--in a way that I can..Wahaha--she asked me to search on surnames & classical music.
I can't wait for these stories to finish!

I wish I could do something for my family and my dream. I've been pretty useless since last year..
I feel useless for being unable to do anything.
but I'm still hoping God will give me a chance.
This world is really scary..and i admit I'm afraid to face it...
but I have to..
To be able to give..sacrifice..risk..dedicate..
i need stronger foundation for this.
I wish someone could help me--assist me to take one step out of my comfort zone.
God help us.

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