Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Greed Ruins Everything

Ahh what a day!
Before this day ends..Again, I wanna greet my friend;
the youngest, and the only boy in our WTF Family, Tinky Winky!!
Happy Happy Birthday!
 생일 축하합니다!

Life is really short, so we must not waste it. I realized this since highschool..
but I just realized what I wanna do. Late bloomer..lol
and now, I know what I should do, but I dunno where to start..
It seems the thing I hate the most is the most important thing today..(aside from love though)
MONEY! >,<
How come man created a thing which could destroy us all?!
Yes, money could do that, but in the present world..we can't survive in this society without it.
It can make people lie to each other, can even make us kill each other; It can make us do bad things.
Sad isn't it?
But look, money is necessary to start a business--for buying gifts to our loved ones--
--to buy postcards for the people we treasure--to buy necessities to be able to survive everyday.
The only good thing about it is..it can make people strive hard (earn it in a good way)--to be persevere.

Even if I'm scared of it..I need that thing to take me where I could make my dreams become reality.
if I can find a way without it..I will. but reality tells me it's impossible.
What happened to the world and its people?

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