Friday, December 18, 2009


Gosh I feel so useless and frustrated.
I wanna buy my own stuffs--from clothes to collections..
I wanna help my parents with the house expenses, and try to give them some things in return
to make them happy while we still can.

Mt frustration's doubled----no, trippled.. because I can't even buy the DVD of my favorite pop-group!!

It's the first time they sold TVXQ cds/dvds..(WITH POSTER!!!)

It's 500php---i'm not studying to be able to earn from my allowance..
I don't even have any job--"coz I'm waiting for our flight to "the Land of the Rising Sun"..
and i don't have a thick skull to ask my parents to buy me one..

だから.. この 時..お金が ない!!

I dunno if I could take this any longer...but I have to!---(we have to).
For the sake of us--and our loved ones..FIGHT-O!

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