Friday, December 18, 2009

MOA Trip

Whoa..Me and my bestfriend went to Mall Of Asia yesterday..
Both of us got nothing to do.,
Every thursday, we always go somewhere..peaceful..
And because MOA's near the sea, we decided it's the right place..

Good thing we went there..
We witnessed a beautiful sunset! ^____^
and the ocean as well..
The sunrays were the best,
and the whole scene was spectacular!!

Wahaha--it's not obvious I'm so into nature!
I also took picture of us..
It's windy--and we didn't have any comb with us..LOL



While we were witnessing such natural phenomenon, we were munching food..
We were there until 10pm..
While we were planning for world domination---bwahahaha
we accidentally saw the hotel where "he" was staying..LOL
hahahaha we've agreed to bring a large bomb and abduct the guy..!! LOL
just kidding!!

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