Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Farewell 2009!


Ahahahaha さよなら 2009年!!! 今年 は ほんとう に  難しかった な..
もう 十分 だ よ..難しかった  のに  少し 幸せ に  なりました..だから 今 まで..ありがとう な!..
Even though I met an unlikable human being--(if ever あいつ 's really human! lol)
I got to meet new friends and I've known those who are true to me..
Even though many people were taken away from me , a new one has been born---Ichigo
I've met amazing co-fans--Cassiopeia..
Even though I was hoping to go to the place where I've been planning the future..despite all the delays, misunderstandings, confusion, doubts and fears...I'm still happy to be where I am now with my family.
ま..多分..神-さま は 私に 性格 が ある と 思う..(^_^).

2009 had been bitter to me and to the people around me..放さない か? hahahaha..冗談 だけ だ よ!..
I really want to end this year..but ending 2009 means 2010's coming..and 2010 means----二十さい に なる!  >,<  Omo omo!!..I haven't done anything for my dream yet..バカ-バカ 私!!
実 は 新しい 処 え 行きたい です.  処が 他人 を 住んで いる I could move with full force--without hesitation! lol..It has to be sooner..and I pray for God's guidance..

よし!! *aja aja FIGHTING*

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