Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day みんな-さん!!!
[please accept these chocolates from リアン---even if it's just a picture..pls. do accept these ^^]

Honestly, this day is one of the days I don't anticipate (aside from my birthday). Why?--yeah, because I don't have a "special someone" to share it [I can't imagine myself in one anyway---I still have lots to do before I think about this]..and I'm not able to give chocolates to the person I like..why?---he's too far from me, AND I bet before Valentine's day ends..he'll receive millions of 'em. *imagining a room full of gifts* hahaha. If i do send mine---will he be able to see it? will he be able to taste it?----I don't want him to have Tonsilitis..
Anyway---my current playlist contains Jang Geun Suk, F.T.Island, tvxq, etc.
speaking of F.T.Island-----they'll hold a concert here in Manila on March 06, 2010..unfortunately I won't be able to attend..I hope they'll have roadshows for free, so I could catch a glimpse of Lee Hong Ki..^^

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