Saturday, February 20, 2010

Belated Happy Birthday Changmin!

Ahh I didn't manage to post my greeting on the exact day..ごめん ね チャンミン ! ^^
とにかく..おたんじょび おめでとう!!

Today is my idol's birthday!

Ahh, there are many people celebrating their birthdays during February ne?--some of them I don't
Happy Birthday!!

Yesterday, I went to a restaurant and passed my resume. I've been praying so many times, hoping to be employed before this month ends. I really pray God could hear my prayers.
I can't wait to give my first salary to my parents, and then buy myself a gift in return for the hardwork--maybe Tohoshinki's CD (Universal Records Phil. had released their "secret code" album this month!! ^^) or I'd buy ingredients so I could cook something special for my family. Hmm...even though I'm not a professional Interior decorator..I've always wanted to design my own room and our house,--so when our house is fixed, (I wish I'd have my own room) I'd buy furnitures! *thinking of a good color theme* I want a bright room...or..*scratches head* black and white!
My head's swirling again-----Oh, which career path should I take? I'm nearly at my twenties..I should think about it fast.

[aww my nephew's confined in the hospital today---I hope he gets well soon.♥]

I will live a simple and happy life until the end.

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