Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cuteness Overload & Thankful! ^___^

Ahhh it's 3am already!!!------omo..I'm not sleepy yet..and it's obvious I'm still in my Onii's room..bwahahahaha!!
everyone's sleeping soundly---I just pray nothing will come lurking around----you know..ghosts..*shouts* LOL

4 hours ago, I started searching for random pictures (for my blog )..wahahaha now, I'm stuck with "the gang's" pictures..especially JJ. *cuteness overload*
Even though I'm focused on them----I saw BigBang photo gifs too!! they look hilarious!!!----now I finally realized I like BB too! Like TVXQ, they are great performers, the difference is---their music genre. I'm not much into Korean music,but these 2 groups sing Jpop. They even beat some of the Jpop artists..They have the voice; the moves; the looks and charisma..tsk tsk..かれら に 完璧 だ と 思う。

Ahahaha look at GD and Daesung!! LOL

Today's my Grandma's death anniversary. We went to her house and had a little gathering with our relatives.I don't eat Chicken Macaroni salad, but I ate lots 'coz Ahying-ne excluded potato (I eat potatoes,I just don't like the taste combined with mayonaisse) . The 1st time I ate it was at Ahying-ne's birthday last year.
While we were there, Onii asked me what's Onee's age. I told him, she'll turn 25 this year. He said "Omo, I have to have a baby by 2012". WHHHHAAAATT!!?? The thought of him having a baby at 25----isn't that still early for men? but the thought of cuddling your own niece/nephew brought smile to my face. Onii said he'll find the right woman this year...awwww..I told him "me too"..*ouch* he tapped me and said, "you'll not search for your man, let him find you...that is IF someone would try to find you". another OUCH.
It felt like an anvil hit my head, I sank at my seat...Onii's words hit me. Aigoo...
During my 19 years of living, I never had a special relationship with anyone. Hmmm..whatever!hahahahaha..for now, I have to focus on my goals for my family and me, when I accomplish 'em..that's when I'll give room for love matters. きさま アニキ!!! LOL

Anyway..My cousin called from Singapore with a hopeful news. What was that?----まだ ひみつ です!
I feel thankful because there are people around who cares for me...despite my "anti-social" attitude, those people don't mind. THANK YOU!!! thank you so much!
Actually, I'm not an "anti-social". I just choose whoever I feel are true to me.. I hate those who pretend they get along well, but deep inside, the other's trying to plot something and the other one's clueless. *ahhh people*

Oh---my Onee's writing a novel about us (Rui, Marlyn-ne, Yuki-ne, Jessie-ne, and me)..she's currently writing mine..wahahahaha..she's amused with my part---who wouldn't??---I just realized how funny I am in real life..Take note----my sister knew it! Gosh, she really knew me! ^__^ awwww...
I just wish her story will happen to me...(except for the "stalker" part ..LOL)..ahhhh it's already late..
gotta rest my precious eyes..*winkwink*
おやすみなさい みんな-さん!!

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