Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stop The Time

おはよ みんなさん! I've been very busy these days that's why I couldn't post right after work. Despite the "busy-ness"..lol...I'm still updated to the world of Jpop---specifically Tohoshinki..and thanks to my dear cousin who's updating me about other artists.
I've already downloaded the new Japanese album of FTIsland "Au Revoir". But still, my favorite songs of them are Raining, Stars, A Song For You, and Always Be Mine.
I've downloaded the video of Toki wo Tomete last night, but I'm still searching for an HD version. Omo, 何でも の かみ の いろ は 大好き だ よ!'. Ahahaha here I am again..I thought I'd be very busy with work that I might forget them..it seems my prediction was wrong..lol

東方神起 の コンセ-ト を 見たい..I want time to stop, and I want that moment to last forever..*fandomness mode*

Ahh..日本語 を もっと もっと べんきょう する..JJ は もう じょおず です ね?..Ahh can't wait for Sunao ni Narenakute!!

yoshi!--ja ne min'na! しごと え もう いく よ..^^
元気 だ ね?!♥

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