Thursday, March 18, 2010

Long Time No Post ^^

みんな-さん ひさしぶり!!
I'm not as tired as last night so, here I am writing nonsense

What I have been doing these past few days?
I wake up every morning, eat breakfast, go to work, go home, send my report, listen to music, sleep...I've been like this for more than a week now. I'm not as free as before but I love being busy. I just can't do other things now such as sketching portraits (of JJ?? ROFL)---but I have a pending sketch of him, I haven't finished it yet although all I need is to fix the hair and the shade..(sorry..I've been saying this lots of times but let me say this again..
ジエジュンの事 を 本当に好き.) ---もし彼がこれを見て、彼は私のことを笑う でしょう?..
私が東方神起のコンサートを見るのだろうか?--見たい!見たい!.. someday, somewhere..they are there wherever they are, and I'm here..just here..LOL---ahhh..maybe I just need sleep...

*currently listening to "Toki wo Tomete"*

AND..I need DongBang music..I used to listen to them all the, I could just listen every night.
明日も がんばります よ..

もし..私 が 私 の 夢 と 結婚 しました..
そして..私 の 夢 は ジエジュン ----だから..私 がジエジュン と 結婚 しました..*bangs head on the wall*
~ja ne! I have to sleep's gonna be another beginning for everyone..let's all do our best!

Just like what my bestfriend told me----you don't let go of your dreams, you chase them!..

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