Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sick and Waiting

Ahh.,yep, my tonsils are about to swell tonight! >,<

I didn't eat anything sweet fo the past few here I am..CELEBRATING!! LOL
Well, honestly, I am a little happy 'coz I don't have the apettite to eat anything..--(which means, I could control my body needs to shed off fats..and loose some weight..XD)
Since I stopped studying last year..I've never been out of the house much. My busy schedule..which distracted me from food was gone.

The reason?--I..We are waiting for "this" person to come here in our country and pick us up..You see, my friends and I applied for a scholarship abroad..and up to now, we're still waiting..
I dunno if my patience could still hold on..I have to be strong 'coz I want to!
I hope he'll arrive this November 22nd..
Our fate is in his hands..
and that FATE is just a plane ticket away..WE may never know what's ahead of us..who does?
All we know is that..this path can change our whole life..this path will tell us what we really want to be..
It will teach us who we really are..It will determine our place in this society.
Our future depends on this chance! I'm not saying it's the only way..but this is the biggest chance we've got!

So please God.,tanomu!

And to Mr. M----Why aren't you here yet?

wakokokokoko--I'm not mad..just furious..LOL

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