Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Paranoia Kills

I wonder how's Japan at this very moment..I hope they are okay. STAND UP JAPAN!! ♥

I'm really amazed how advanced my mind works-----at the same time..i hate it.
When I think how things might turn up when i do this, that, those--I get to analyze the situation. the problem is..with all the possible things that can head hurts thinking---in the end, my judgment (toward people) is a FAILURE--. In our language we call it "tamang hinala". how can i get rid of this bad habit? ..i admit socializing is one of my weaknesses..Of course I have friends..the people who accepted me for who I am.. (thank you brothers and sisters..:P)

I can't pretend to be someone just to please somebody. Nobody likes to.. right? Or is it just me---afraid of telling how I feel to a person?..that he/she might dislike me..ahhh here it goes again. *HALT*

Anyway..I'm really happy tonight! Why?----they said there's a possibility that JYJ will come for concert! where?---HERE in our country!!!! *walksbackandforth*
I will definitely attend! I'll watch them from the VIP seats!!! OMG! *calms down*

While waiting for that moment..cassies from all over the world are preparing a project..(want to join us?---visit ) I need a camera for this..we also need Cassiopeias' particpation. I have a plan in mind..but i dunno where to start 'coz I don't know anyone from CassPH. argh..I'm thinking it will be better if we have more participants. ahh..i wish I have more time.

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